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Ubisoft’s SnowDrop Engine is making developers everywhere rethink how they make games

Today the world of game creation is a frighteningly large place, filled with mathematics and programming code that the laymen among us cannot fathom. It is no secret that as games get more and more complicated the number of years to complete them has gone up drastically, projects get bigger and gamers have to wait longer. Ubisoft’s proprietary new SnowDrop Engine is taking the gaming market to whole new levels by allowing much larger projects to be completed within the same time frame as before. So what is SnowDrop? How’s it going to revolutionize time leveraging techniques for game developers like Ubisoft? Well it’s pretty simple atcually…

The SnowDrop Engine as I see it is basically a system designed to be based on a node system (ie. Environments, lighting, objects, buildings, NPC’s, player characters, vehicles, etc. are all connected and share traits and effects on one another) this makes constructing maps incredibly easy and affordable time-wise because it frees up the time usually spent programming these functions in and gives it back to the designers so they can mess around with new ideas and progress along quickly. SnowDrop makes tinkering with objects a lot easier as well because you can bring an option up and modify it at will, the embedded video showcases one of the designers changing the position of a car’s doors and hood with just a few clicks. A different designer changes the chassis of a helicopter by color or how clean it is. The SnowDrop Engine makes everything a whole lot simpler by having pre-designed textures and objects, only requiring the user to manage and place said entities inside the map and deciding their relationships with the rest of the game.

Think of SnowDrop as Halo’s Forge mode on massive steroids, it works in a similar manner but allows management of the entire map down to bullet holes in a shop’s window glass or the amount of rust on a particular vehicles frame. You can program everything that any other game designer would be able to, but the interface is so user friendly that it really makes you wonder why SnowDrop is the first engine of its kind.

As you can see the SnowDrop engine is Massive’s new toy, they’re using it to the greatest extent possible to bring us The Division faster than any team has been able to before. The project may have been large but by working smarter not harder Massive has taken its operation to new heights and will hopefully deliver an outstanding game worthy of the Tom Clancy title. For more reviews like this on everything gaming, check back on All Gaming Revolution for more content relative to the games you’re interested in! As always leave a comment below and check out the forums, make an account and help us grow if you support what we do here! Thanks for your continued support in this matter! -Oxideist

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Gamers, are we getting all that we should for our dollar?

It stands to reason nowadays that Gamers are paying more for their titles now than ever before, with technology increasing the quality of games and our currency inflating inevitably. The problem arises however, are we getting less for our money than we used to? Are the AAA gaming companies pumping as much out of our pockets as humanly possible before we retaliate? Will we ever retaliate or will we turn away with our tail between our legs and cough up the seemingly never-ending stream of money for our DLC on top of the already high priced titles? Let’s talk a bit about exactly what causes these prices to rise, and what exactly is a necessary markup as opposed to the prices Gamers currently pay.

Anyone who’s been in business understands that prices rise due to an increase in the cost of creating the product, content, service, etc. After all, you have to make a profit. Gamers have been on the frontlines of the marketplace for a while now and we realize that gaming technology has increased thus allowing improved graphics and gameplay potential. Obviously the creation of these improvements has come at great cost of inventing new technology and training people to use it, so it stands to reason that as games become more advanced Gamers would have to pay more for what we get. My question is simply this, how much more should Gamers pay for those advances? And how much are the gaming companies overcompensating by charging us the prices they do? I’ll hopefully cover the legitimate reasons why these prices would be higher, as well as uncover areas where the companies are squeezing more out of Gamers than necessary. As always with the world, things here aren’t black and white, but a lot of grey lies in between.

Reason 1:  Games used to be completed in only a couple years, but as tech increases we’re seeing the size of those projects extend to three or four years. Now obviously that means paying the employees almost twice as much as a shorter project would, which in turn causes the company to have a higher break-even point (and thus, higher priced material).

Reason 2: College is expensive and a game development degree is no different, I personally know at least 3 of my friends who are going into game design. All three of them are Gamers themselves, but understand that with tens of thousands of dollars in student loan debt they need to pay it off somehow. How do they do so? By demanding higher wages of course, they spent a good deal of money on what they learned and it’s obvious they need to pay that off while maintaining a normal lifestyle. Now I’m not saying that game developers should take lower pay, what I’m saying is the way our world works now in a free market system all this should be expected.

Reason 3: Gamers should understand that creating gaming technology requires research and development, which costs a lot of money. Want better graphics for Cryengine 4? Well someone has got to get funding for that project, and the people researching have to get paid, that can only happen if the company makes money (They’re definitely not going to get it by taxing you, corporations aren’t the government) so they have to increase sales or dollar per sale to do so.

Reason 4: The newest generation of consoles is so technologically advanced that the profit margin from Sony and Microsoft is minimal, as in they make about 16 dollars per unit minimal. So how does a company stay afloat with a .032% profit margin? Well it’s quite simple, that’s not where they make their money. The big tech companies are making their money back in other ways (ie. Games, controllers, headsets, Xbox Live, DLC, etc.) so it stands logically that they would have to charge more for these just to make money and stay ahead of the game.

Basically what I’m trying to say is this, as a Gamer I hate 60 dollar titles that don’t give me 60 dollars worth of content, I hate 10 dollar DLC’s that only provide 3 maps and a new gun, but I realize that sometimes this is a necessary evil in the day and age where innovation is key to survival. As in all free market systems though competition is the driving force of that innovation, Microsoft and Sony are working hard to out-do each other in the realm of gaming which means that by nature we will eventually see lower priced consoles and games. When will this happen? When technology allows for more advanced technology at lower costs and game development becomes more streamlined. In part this problem is caused by the Gamers themselves, demanding better graphics and gameplay but expecting prices to remain the same, that simply cannot be.

To be fair to the Gamers though, the companies that give us our yearly titles because of the insatiable appetite we have are making so much money it’s not even funny anymore. Every installment in the Call of Duty franchise is basically a slightly updated graphics modification to the current engine and a new scenario (barely) which is why they can come out with them on a yearly basis. Using next to minimal effort Infinity Ward and Treyarch are banking all the cash with almost no overhead cost, plus they have constant overpriced DLC much like Titanfall will surely have. Like I said in the beginning, the problem here lies in the grey area between right and wrong, much like many other things.

I hope this article has helped many Gamers out there understand a bigger picture of the industry as a whole, also to realize that although the higher prices with less content is a reality, the gaming companies sometimes force us into a situation where they can charge us more money than necessary for the products they sell. As always please check out the forums and leave a comment below, and I’ll see you guys next time on All Gaming Revolution! -Oxideist

Half Life 3 poster

Half Life 3 has been under lock down for quite some time now, will it ever see the light of day?

Rumors of Half Life 3 have been circulating for a long time now, unfortunately not a lot of solid information has come from Valve in recent times about the next installment in their flagship title. Will Half Life 3 happen? Or will it be stuck in production for as long as Duke Nukem: Forever? Has Valve scrapped the idea wholesale to bring about Half Life 3? There’s a myriad of unanswered questions on the internet these days about the future of the Half Life series, so many rumors and half truths (no pun intended, honestly) that we have to sift through heaps of garbage to find any real data on the stalled project from Valve.

I heard reports that Valve has scrapped the idea of an Episode 3 and just moved onto Half Life 3, being a full length sequel, here’s why. With the new console generation coming out that means leaps and bounds of technological capability over the PS3 360 generation, if Valve were to do an Episode 3 it would likely be so far different than the previous two installments that the title “Episode 3″ would leave people guessing as to why they even bothered. The game play mechanics could be totally revamped, graphics are obviously going to be vastly improved in the last few years since Episode 2. With so many changes going on it makes more sense that Valve would just scrap the episodic nature of the story line and just come out with a Half Life 3 for the next generation consoles. Personally this makes sense to me, and I’d be willing to wait so they could make sure the game matches up with the standards set by the current generation of gaming platforms.

Another rumor I have heard is that Valve will finally be revealing Half Life 3 at E3 2014, this would be a gigantic leap forward for Half Life fans as we have all waited so long to hear anything about the beloved franchise we used to play so many years back. E3 2014 would be the perfect time to clear the air regarding Half Life 3 because they’ve had some time now to construct the basis of the game for the new console generation, but fans of the series haven’t given up yet. All we can do at this point is wait it out and see what happens in the stories conclusion.

There’s been a lot of talk about J.J. Abrams wanting to do a Half Life or Portal movie with the crew from Valve, and while this doesn’t have anything directly to do with Half Life 3 it needs to be addressed. While I love the Half Life series dearly and I’ve played it since the original Xbox came out, it would make a terrible movie, Portal wouldn’t fair much better. A story where the main character doesn’t speak once, and the plot is only moved forward by NPC’s who aren’t even with you half of the time? Probably the worst option for a movie if you ask me. There are at least five other games that would make a better movie than Half Life off of the top of my head, J.J. Abrams should put his efforts in a Deus Ex: Human Revolution movie instead, or Mass Effect. Either way this is a bad idea from what I see.

Well that about wraps it up for us today! That’s all the semi-concrete evidence we have regarding the release of Half Life 3 (or whatever you want to call the next installment). Thanks for checking out All Gaming Revolution! Be sure to check out our forums or leave a comment below, also check back periodically because I keep the content updated regularly! -Oxideist

Plants Vs. Zombies makes for a fun survival game time and time again

Plants Vs. Zombies is one of the newer games out on the Xbox gaming system, and it aims to be even more zombie slaying fun than its mobile app counterpart! Published by EA it has some very similar game modes with familiar titles such as Battlefield 4 and Mass Effect 3, while retaining its cartoon like roots of style. So how did Plants Vs. Zombies fair this time around? Let’s check to see how it did on the official rating system so you can tell if it’s something you should buy…

Pros: Plants Vs. Zombies is quite the game, being published by EA means that the developers at Pop Cap worked closely with men and women responsible for bringing us titles like Mirror’s Edge, Battlefield, and Mass Effect. What does that mean for Plants Vs. Zombies though? It means that you’re going to see some familiar game types that you’ve played before. At first you would think this tiresome and overused but not only are the gametypes fun to play but the fact that its all rendered as a cartoon of plants fighting zombies the effect it gives is comedic and hilarious. Tactically the game is just as strategic as any other, on par with Battlefield and surely more so than any Call of Duty after Modern Warfare 2. Personally it’s this strategy and team based play that really makes games fun for me and a lot of people I know, so it’s a definite plus for my personal taste. The creativity used in Plants Vs. Zombies to transfer the idea of classes and weapons of war into their vegetable counterparts inspires the inner child in all of us; using things like a garlic drone and a potato mine where their used to be predator drones and anti-tank weaponry makes for a very fun game. Plants Vs. Zombies really hits home with the creativity factor here as the perfect mix between cartoon and tactical shooter, it’s this crossover that makes it such a hit with the gaming community as a whole.

Cons: The only downside I see in Plants Vs. Zombies is its 40 dollar price tag for what would be a co-op survival mode and two multiplayer gametypes on only a handful of maps. The content given deserves a 30 dollar price tag at most but surely not two thirds the price of a AAA game like CoD and Battlefield. I would expect twice as many multiplayer maps and certainly a few different game modes for the price they’re asking us to pay.

Conclusion: Plants Vs. Zombies is a hilariously fun and comedic third person shooter that will keep the casual gamer and the hardcore strategist enthralled throughout matches to come. It’s smoothness of play combined with advanced tactics make up for the high price tag (especially if you can find a used copy at GameStop).

Final Rating: 9/10

Thanks for checking out my review of Plants Vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare! I had a lot of fun writing this review and I hope it was informative as you expect it to be. As always please check out our forums and support our small but growing community of gamers that uses All Gaming Revolution! I’ll see you guys next time on AGR! -Oxideist

Plants Vs. Zombies game poster

Project Spark title

Project Spark is the first of its type, being a platform for gamers to construct their own shareable, playable, modifiable gaming titles

Project Spark is another groundbreaking title here for PC and Xbox, the beta is out now and people are taking user created content to the next level with it. When I first heard about this game and saw it played at a demo showing around E3 I was as excited as a person can reasonably be about a game. To give the gamers something they can take and turn into whatever they want. One of the reasons I so strongly support user created content is because the gamers know what they want, and they know what other gamers want, ergo gamers creating content for gamers means we can make some truly amazing things.

Project Spark gave the power of game creation to the hands of those who play them the most, and frankly I believe it was one of the best choices they could have made. Project Spark was designed by Team Dakota and published by Microsoft Studios. If you haven’t seen footage of this game being played I would strongly recommend doing so, the diversity of potential projects you can work on with this game is really exciting. I’ve seen side-scrollers like LIMBO being created, as well as third person platformers. Two of the most glaring examples of what you can accomplish with Project Spark is a remake of “Flappy Bird” (Don’t pretend you didn’t play it) and a rendition of “Slender”. Now it stands to reason that people will be recreating older games with Project Spark, that doesn’t bother me, but what I really want to see is somebody creating new and orignal games with the help of Project Spark. Personally I’ve got a great idea that I can’t tell you guys about just yet, but when Project Spark comes out fully it’s definitely going to be on my to-create list. All in all there’s so much to do with this game I couldn’t contain all of the ideas people are coming up with in this post.

From what I’ve seen the standard look of the game relies on a very natural feel to it, there isn’t much post-industrial structure (ie. buildings, cities, forged objects). This unfortunately restricts those of us that wanted to create something more sci-fi like a city or spaceship, but I’m sure with the almost certain success of Project Spark that something along those lines will be created eventually. Giving players the power to create games like this will open up a lot of options in the future for people who want to do more than even Project Spark will allow.


The possibilities are truly endless, with Project Spark those who have always had dreams of what game they wanted to make can now do so freely with this program. I’m sure going to be messing around with this game a whole bunch, I might even have to add a new section to the website about the new and awesome games people are creating with Project Spark! Anyways, that’s most of what we know about Project Spark so far, if you guys want to check out some of what the community is doing with Project Spark definitely check out YouTube as I’m sure they are uploading videos like crazy with all the new stuff people are doing. Thanks for checking out All Gaming Revolution, as always please check out our forums and see the growing community we have there. I try to keep content coming every couple days or so, be sure to check back for more! If you know of anyone who would appreciate a site like this definitely send them this way! See you guys next time. -Oxideist

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Not every gaming website is created equal, then there’s AGR

It has been about three months now since I first launched the website now known as All Gaming Revolution or “AGR” for short. In that time my vision for the website has grown and taken shape into a form I didn’t realize when I first finished it’s basic design with wordpress. Now that I’ve finally realized the true intention of this website and its purpose on the internet, I thought I’d share it so that the people who are really interested in it can find their home online.

AGR is meant to be a place for community, we’ve been partnering with a couple YouTubers to help jump-start this online venture we’re in nowadays. We foresee AGR becoming a place for every group and niche in the gaming industry. I would love to see AGR’s forums used for content creators, forgers, coders, anyone making or sharing player created content; I want to give as much power back to the players as physically possible by giving content creators a home to share their ideas among like-minded individuals. I want to bring the custom community back into full swing with the release of new games like Destiny and the Halo 2 remake. Back in the early days of Xbox Live when I was only in middle school we would spend hours just getting groups of people together to play these custom matches on the Halo servers, matchmaking was really there to just make new friends so you could play customs together. Now with the way gaming is set up online there is really only a place for competitive play among gamers. At AGR I would like to see a thriving group of people who have set times and places for custom games and matches so that FPS could become a place for custom matches between friends again. I would like to think of AGR as a place where even professional teams of MLG players could meet and discuss tournaments and such business.

Long story short, AGR is a video-gaming site that I started to help knock down the barriers of genre and platform competition, a place where all games and consoles were created equal. I write posts on new games coming out and games I’ve reviewed not because I’m trying to compete with IGN or something (obviously that’s a fruitless effort) but to keep the content flowing so that there’s a reason for people to check back occasionally. At it’s heart and soul AGR was always intended to do something that IGN or GameInformer can’t do, provide a place for gamers to join forces and make gaming their own again. In the about us section of the website I talk about how I’m trying to give power back to the gamers since it has been in the developers hands for so long. What I mean by that is to get AGR so large that game developers come to the website just to hear the opinions of their target audience, that way they have something to take into consideration when game development first starts. Also I fully support Kickstarter as well as all crowd-funding projects, and content creation from independent game creators.

That’s really all I wanted to say today, to make known my personal vision for the future of AGR in hopes that like-minded people would join forces because they want a place like AGR to exist as well. With that being said thank you all again for checking out All Gaming Revolution! Hopefully a few of you guys will understand my vision for the future in creating a thriving community of gamers from all areas of the digital realm. Please check out the forums and leave a comment if you feel so inclined, it would really help this thing get off the ground. As always leave a comment below if you liked this article and be sure to share AGR with anyone you feel would be interested in having a website such as this! -Oxideist

Star citizen spaceport

Star Citizen brings a universe we’ve always wanted to life

Star Citizen is one of the newest games coming up this year, it has a lot of credibility behind it with its kickstarter campaign. Its original goals for its crowdfunding campaign were quickly surpassed and topped with a surprising 40 million, this put it on top as the largest kickstarter campaign ever crowd funded. Being the largest kick started campaign so far means that Star Citizen has a lot to work with. First of all it is running on a modified version of Cry Engine 3, which is arguably the best engine currently on the gaming market. Developed by Cloud Imperium Games and Behavior interactive, Star Citizen is in good hands here and they can make a game we all want to play.

So what is Star Citizen about? Obviously it’s a space trading game similar to Elite: Dangerous, but it’s also a combat simulator, giving you the chance to fight just as much as you can handle. The options in this game make it so easy to play the way you want and make the most of what you can. It has a separate single player campaign alongside the online multiplayer known as Star Citizen, the money that was crowd funded is definitely going to a good source here as it has plenty of replay value that I can see. It has a massive multiplayer persistent universe where you can assimilate your personal squadron of ships to do whatever work you task them with, mining, trading, fighting, etc. So this game universe is really alive with constant life and action, unlike most MMO’s where you log out and the game stops, you’re not progressing in-game; in Star Citizen the persistent universe that you set up continues to do the work you give them even when you’re not there to see it happen. Imagine setting up your own business to the point where it runs autonomously and makes you money even when you’re out golfing or eating dinner, that’s the kind of thing we’re talking about here with the Star Citizen universe. The potential for going far in this game really is a test of skill and intelligence for a business oriented mindset, which is personally exciting for an entrepreneur such as myself.

Star Citizen looks beautifully rendered, its engine is top notch even for game developers outside of the crowd-funding world. The combat looks intense and fully capable of being the best of the best when it comes to space combat simulation. Star Citizen is expected to be at full release somewhere in 2015, so I’ll keep you guys updated as interesting information arises. The developers are constantly releasing packages of alpha tested material to the backers as they complete them, giving the people who support them constant content to test as the project goes along. So with that I will put this article to a close for today, I’ve shared with you the most credible and significant information I have found, but like I said updates should come as we get closer to release for Star Citizen. Thanks for checking out All Gaming Revolution! As always feel free to leave a comment on this or other posts, and check out our forums to engage with the growing community of gamers that visit the site! -Oxideist

Titanfall Review

Titanfall Review

Hey guys! Well it’s been in cyberspace here for a while, I’ve had to kinda work around my job to get this review up, but since it’s finally here let’s see what is the real deal with Titanfall shall we? There’s a lot to talk about this game, so I’m gonna just jump right into it here and lay down the ground work so you can get all the information you need to see if Titanfall is a game you would like to play.

The Good: Titanfall blends a few playstyles never before seen in a game, and it does it very well. From the moment you set foot on the ground as a pilot you’ll be experiencing non-stop action that can only be found in a game like this. Jumping from building to building, mowing down infantry, playing cat and mouse with Titans, the gameplay is smooth and has a non-stop flow to it that keeps your mind constantly engaged with strategy. The AI of the militia grunts and spectres are very well balanced, they’re not cannon fodder, but act like a squad of well trained soldiers under the circumstances presented to them. The mix of Titans, Pilots, and grunts really makes for a fun and constantly moving match packed with intense action.

The Bad: Most of what I have to say here is player vs player, so bear with me as some of what I might say could be personal opinion. When I first started playing this game I approached it with the same mentality I had when I played Call of Duty 4: Modern warfare. That means I tried posting up in one spot with some good sightlines and picking off everyone in my path, but I soon realized that I was getting killed from above and behind by every pilot in the game. So let’s just make this abundantly clear, Titanfall is not a classic first person shooter, you can’t play it like one and expect to win the game. You have to use everything you have as a constant advantage because you can be sure the other pilots will be doing the same, use your jump kit and parkour to keep moving, keep getting behind the enemy forces and fight guerilla style. There’s not really much to say that’s bad about this game, so far it’s been pretty good in my book. The lack of really serious campaign made me a little uneasy but I was satisfied with what they had in the way of a story. Also I feel as if the game types could have been a little more diverse, pilot hunter is basically pointless because it’s attrition but with pilot kills as its only way to win.

Conclusion and Final rating: Titanfall is a spectacular game with only minor faults in very spread out areas, something that I know I will play for a long time to come and will have fun with online. If you are a PC or Xbox owner and haven’t picked up this game I would highly recommend you do so, so far I haven’t heard any regrets about people doing so. I would give it a personal 8.5/10.

Titanfall poster

Thanks for checking out All Gaming Revolution! As always leave a comment and check out our forums for news on user created content and all things gaming! I’m always glad to have your continual support in this venture. I’ll keep the content coming regularly and I hope that you guys find this review helpful! I’ll see you all next time on! -Oxideist

Alien: Isolation poster

There’s no escaping in Alien: Isolation, you can only hide

Alien: Isolation is the next title in the Alien franchise, being the successor to Alien’s: Colonial Marines which I will not mention in greater detail for risk of keeping my blood pressure down. This new game isn’t about taking the biggest gun you have and mowing down hordes of xenomorphs though, Alien: Isolation will be taking the series back to its roots of horror. The original Alien movie starred Sigourney Weaver mostly alone running and hiding from the horrific monstrosity, and Alien: Isolation will be targeting that same fear and cold feeling in the pit of your stomach. Before you discount this title as another impending failure for the Alien franchise though, let’s talk a bit about what might make this game different than the rest.

As we mentioned earlier, Alien: Isolation is focused on horror and stealth, the team at The Creative Assembly wanted to bring back the fear that resides along with alien. In Colonial Marines and AVP before that you basically had the ability to slaughter wave after wave of the sleek black xenos, not this time. The extraterrestrial hunter in Alien: Isolation will be large, tough, and strike fear in the heart of anyone playing. You will not see him as cannon fodder, even if you found a gun your first thought wouldn’t be to fire it for fear of being found. Alien: Isolation will feature a xenomorph that acts upon every move you make and sound you create to hunt you down and kill you, that is its job and it does it with surprising efficiency. Speaking of hunting, every encounter with the Alien in Isolation will be entirely unscripted. Your flashlight, footsteps, doorway access, and general noise you make will trigger how the xeno responds to you. Perhaps if you’re not making much noise he’ll just stalk you from the air vents in the ceiling, but if you end up making too much noise you’ll attract his attention and he might break through the roof into your current compartment. Another interesting factor that increases the horror is  the physics of using your motion tracker, if you take it out to see what the alien is doing your vision of the room you’re in will become unfocused and blurry, reducing the natural ability to react to the environment around you. All in all I cannot wait to see how this title plays out, I was a big fan of survival horror games back in the PS3/360 generation with the Metro series.

As far as gameplay goes within Alien: Isolation we have so far seen many realistic elements to the hunting/evasion system that the player engages in whilst the xeno is prowling about. The alien will learn from your attempts to get away from it, using smell, sight, and sound to trace you. It will also emit vocalizations to signal its intent (ie. attacking, tracking, or losing sight of you). Your character Amanda Ripley will be forced to hide in lockers and under consoles to prevent the cunning alien from finding and making a snack out of you, apparently there will be a button that allows Ripley to hold her breath as to reduce noise during these situations. No heads up display will be in the game at all, breaking down a barrier of realism that few games have the ability to do, this improves the horror factor as it changes how you view the situations psychologically. In Alien: Isolation you have the ability to craft tools and weapons to defend yourself, but the pieces are randomized throughout the maps so you cannot simply memorize their locations, this increases the time you will spend searching for the parts and thus the chances of an encounter with your xeno hunter.

The horror in this game is real and palpable, you’re not military with psychological toughness to these creatures, nor are you equipped with firepower fit for a tank, you’re alone and very vulnerable, that’s the kind of situation that instills the greatest fear. After watching as much gameplay footage I could of this game there is no need to say how excited I am to play Alien: Isolation now. It’ll probably take me a while before I can play it for an extended period of time without giving up due to the deep biting fear it’ll no doubt cause. Hopefully you’ve no doubt checked out this game, the realism and depth of artificial intelligence makes it one to play for sure. Alien: Isolation will no doubt erase the bad memories of past games by being the Alien game we have always wanted. Thanks for checking out All Gaming Revolution! More articles like this to come in the future, leave a comment below or check our forums for any interesting topics. Be sure to like my page on Facebook to help get the word out to as many gamers as possible! I’ll see you guys next time! -Oxideist

Infamous: Second Son

Infamous: Second Son poster

“With time I’m learning to control it. To master it. I just hope it’s not too late” -Cole McGrath, inFamous

Infamous: Second Son is coming, and it’s bigger and better on PS4. Developed by Sucker Punch productions and published by Sony computer entertainment, with a release date set at March 21st, 2014, we’re at the final stages of excitement before this awesome game drops. Infamous: Second Son is the third installment in the infamous series and the first to be a part of the PS4 system, it is also a PS4 exclusive title. So let’s get down to business here, what’s Infamous: Second Son about? and how is it played? Let’s find out.

Infamous: Second Son is a third person action game that utilizes free-roaming and parkour mechanics to aid the player in accomplishing his goals, similar in style to [Prototype]. The player has access to the smoke element at the beginning of the game and gains more by defeating other conduits (superpowered humans like yourself), in this fashion you can build your arsenal of attacks and abilities to adapt to combat scenarios. The gameplay is similar to that of the first two so there isn’t too much to talk about right now until the game comes out. The plot of the game is what’s really interesting however, that we will go over in more detail.

Infamous: Second Son’s plot line starts seven years after Cole McGrath activated the Ray Field Inhibitor in Infamous 2, the inhibitor was supposed to kill all conduits across the globe but those outside the blast radius or the few that were naturally resistant to it ended up pulling through. After the destruction of empire city in the last two games, the U.S. Government aided in the founding of D.U.P. (Department of Unified Protection), its goal is to monitor every U.S. city for activity of the conduits. The super-human conduits have been labeled as bioterrorists and are restricted any and all human rights by the D.U.P. Infamous: Second Son is set in the city of Seattle, Washington, which is coincidentally under the control of D.U.P. forces as a major hot spot of activity. The protagonist of this new game is Delsin Rowe, a mid-twenties anti-government activist that unknowingly helps a conduit out of a wrecked D.U.P. truck. Once free the conduit attacks him and leaves him unconscious. Upon waking up Delsin finds himself able to use “smoke”, one of the powers Delsin will have access to during the course of the game. Delsin’s brother Reggie (a police officer) wants to help Delsin find a cure for being a conduit, and aids in his fight against the government. Delsin soon finds himself capable of absorbing other conduits powers and utilizing them for his benefit.

That’s just some basic footage of gameplay, one of my personal favorite trailers for this game, definitely one I like to show because of its reveal for secondary powers and awesome game mechanics (the cover of Nirvana’s Heart Shaped Box doesn’t hurt either). As far as I’m aware this is almost all we have on solid information from Infamous: Second Son, but I’m sure someone can scrounge up a little more if needed but this is about all I have time for before I start cranking out some other articles. Thanks for visiting All Gaming Revolution! As always please visit our forums and engage with the currently growing community on the topics therein, we’re always glad to have you guys here and will continue our march towards a videogame industry lead by the gamers themselves! -Oxideist